Our Mission is simple. We provide a curated marketplace of unique experiences where culture hungry Travelers can find outgoing private hire Locals who provide quality Adventure experiences.

Our Platform is personal. Locals offer their own unique Adventure, which is typically 1 to 4 hours and exemplifies the sights, sounds and smiles that define the best of their daily lives in Singapore. Travelers use WanderLocal to search different Adventures or Locals to find the best fit experience for both their interests and schedules. 

Our Adventures are unique. We go beyond researching countless top 10 To-Do lists or booking bulk tours through traditional agencies.  Use WanderLocal to experience places as the locals do. Let them give you an immersive one of a kind experience you can only get with WanderLocal, and all on your schedule!

Our Hope is clear. Through these Adventures, Travelers and Locals will help knockdown cultural walls that continue to exist in our modern world.  This is a great opportunity to expand your perspective and network, now come join us and let the Adventures begin!

WanderLocal Gives Back

We partner with non-profit organizations in various cities that many of our Locals are from.  We focus our contributions to the types of adventures you go on. If you go on a Food or Social adventures we give back to causes that aim to reduce single use plastic and sustainable food or beverage practices. For Active and Neighborhood Strolls adventures, WanderLocal contributes to causes that focus on global warming initiatives and environmental conservation. Local Events and Tourist Attractions adventures give back to local organization because WanderLocal wants to do our part to ensure we preserve the rich history of these places, while keeping them sustainable for decades to come.